diorama 2014 and beyond

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all art and photos by irene wibawa


  1. I may just have to start making some of these, myself. Where do you get all these little people in such a variety of poses to fit the pieces? Do you spend extensive time looking for just the right figure to fit a piece; or do you see a figure in a particular pose and say, “I’ve got to have that one for a piece that just came to mind.”


  2. Thank you for your comment and questions.

    I get the little figures online. They are normally used for model train layouts. I use Preiser brand, HO scale (1:87). But there are larger scales that work just as well.

    I don’t really have a rule of how things happen. I have some sketches of what I’d like to see, but I don’t always find the people to go with the sketches. My process involves a lot of staring into space and into my materials for a long, long, long time. Then poof, they emerge.


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