diorama 2009-2011

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all art by Irene Wibawa copyright © 2009-2014

photos by Markus Storzer, Mbitions Photography © 2009-2013








  1. Each jar is a tiny world of thought…a light bulb/thought taking shape. That’s a lot of canning jar worlds you have. Where do they all go? I imagine a storeroom full of these and you visiting them like a god watching over a galaxy. Let’s see what’s happening in paper snow land.

    The one with the guy (or gal?) walking chest-deep in clutter of paper is kinda representative of my work space/studio. 😛 I also like the person walking across a bridge made of what looks like glass (almost like a glass rock sculpture in some Nevada desert) and the man ready to flip the big light switch, like he’s just waiting for inspiration to strike or to set the world in motion. The woman floating on a cottony pad over a greenhouse of sorts is also interesting…like a dream image.


  2. Thank you! Everyone interprets them differently and I love hearing about what people see when they see these.
    Where do they go? They all go in a couple of boxes in the deep, dark, recesses of my abode, to be honest… until I have an exhibit and then they come out.


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