Excavation #4

There are two images here. One is in the background. They are of 5 sisters: my mother and her sisters. Her father wanted boys very badly. He got his wife pregnant five times, all of which resulted in girls. Still he did not give up. He gave them all boys names and dressed them in boys clothes, but no matter what, they were girls. The front image is one of the sisters when she was dressed in boys clothing for a photo shoot. From some of my conversations with some of my aunts, there seemed to be a sense of resentment towards their father, maybe for giving them boys names and not accepting them as they are, or for other reasons, which I am still trying to excavate. I think the sisters¬†cannot forget this, even if it has become normal and nothing that they think about anymore. Still, it seems that many decades later, after they’ve grown up to be the strong women they are, they are still stuck with this memory.



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