Work in progress- Wibatika irenea

I’m so behind in putting these up, but here they are. These are documentation of a new work in progress for a show that just opened a few days ago. It’s for a show called Place of Her Own and I showed The Cave last year in the same theme at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco. I started this in mid-March after finally nailing down the idea, which was all the ideas that fluttered inside of me (some of which have been percolating since 2011). I initially talked to my therapist about this. I was excited about the idea, but unsure about how to go about it. She encouraged me to present the idea nonetheless. So I did: a lifesize piece, based on my body, where my body is the trunk of a tree, and then somehow I would do a performance art piece and end up in the tree at the end. That’s all I knew in March.

The  next day, I received an email from Maggie Yee, who was one of the curators for the show and also one of the art facilitators of the art and healing workshops I’ve been attending since January. She offered to help me! I was really thrilled to be working with someone else. She had never done plaster casting (and neither have I!) but that is why we both wanted to do it.

So after I ordered (TOO MUCH) of the plaster wrap, she came over on a Saturday  in mid-April with her always supportive partner, Brian. She lives in Santa Cruz and made the 2.5(?) hour trip to my house. We had Thai food, and then we got to work:


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