non-dominant hand drawing 09/05/2015

Here I am in wood class, watching a PBS video called Secrets of Samurai, trying soooo hard to stay awake. My teacher shows the same video in the beginning of each semester. I know because this is my third time taking the class. I like the structure, even if it is at an ungodly hour of 8 am on a Saturday. I got waitlisted this year because I signed up too late and even though other students got dropped from the class, I’m still not bumped into the class enrollment. Fortunately my teacher lets me be in the class even though I’m not officially enrolled (not my fault though!). Anyway, I get all the benefits and I get to take the class again next year! One day I’ll be able to do the layout quickly. Right now, I still have a hard time visualizing how things are joined together. Anyway, this drawing is my past, present and future.


One comment

  1. cwakisment

    haha, “past, present and future.” you are so funny.


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