non-dominant hand drawing 09/04/2015

This time I know what happened on this day because I wrote on one of my sketches. On this day, we had a celebration in honor of the 75th year

anniversary of the facility in which I work. We had speakers, a tour for all the employees, former senior employees and visitors.  (By senior, I am referring to their hierarchical level –so scientists and administrators only. I am not referring to their age, but they were generally old since most of the former senior employees became former because they got to be senior citizens). The minions technicians are a dime a dozen regardless of age, so I don’t think they got invited.

The first drawing depicts the center director who actually doesn’t look that different than my drawing of him. He actually looks Asian! (And with my non-dominant hand. I am so proud of you, left hand!)

The second image is a former director who unfortunately was badly drawn. She’s a lot more striking than this drawing (maybe equally striking as her jacket!). She’s also in her 70’s. I respect her, and I hope I will have the chutzpah to wear that jacket when I’m in my 70s (or 40s).

The third image on the left is more of the blah blah blah that they do at these events. I must say I am getting good at drawing middle aged, balding men (not judging).

In the last image, there was a row of retired scientists who used to work at my place of employment. I realized they all looked like that main dude from Breaking Bad (only I haven’t seen the series at all, so I don’t know his name but I also don’t live in a cave — most of the time. Don’t judge.)  And then they broke us up and we all proceeded to tour the facility (our own facility.) (?!) I think the idea was that we are usually insulated in our own labs that we forget that there are other labs and they gave us all, even the low-level minions technicians to tour the facility and learn about what the other labs did. I had planned to skip out on the program (except the luncheon) because I had to prepare to go to the field, except that at the last minute, our research leader (not center director) asked me and my co-worker who weren’t going to participate as well, to run errands for him… like get a cable and charger for his laptop and a Diet Coke. So I was tasked to get the diet coke, but when I got back to rooftop to give the guy the diet coke, a tour was already in process so I had to wait until everybody gave their talks before I could go down to the greenhouse and get ready to go to the field. In the end, I wasted as much time as everybody else did and I didn’t visit any other lab.

If you read this far, I’m really sorry this didn’t end up as entertaining as I had hoped. At least here are some scribbles to make up for wasting your time.

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