no drawing post

I started writing a long post about why I haven’t written here or posted any drawings and I’ve been drawing, I swear, but I’ll just list bullet points:

  • I have an art show coming up in November. I’m listed as one of the curators as well as one of the artists. I swear it’s like herding cats dealing with all the admin stuff.
  • My housemate also just moved out two weeks ago, so I can finally get started on making a large (by my standards) sculpture using poultry wire, bamboo, wool. (I needed her to move out so I can move stuff from the garage into her room and make my work in the garage because I need the garage door.)
  • I’ve been dancing waaay too much and spending all my weekends performing and recuperating.
  • I need a new scanner. The old scanner can only hook up to an XP computer and it was my housemate’s computer. I can use the one at work, but have little free time to do it there.
  • I’ve been on the go-go-go-go and finally today a sign to slow the fuck down shows up: I am sick and my stomach is also been aching, I got in a car accident, and I lost the keys to my work. Boom. That’s how the universe works.

That’s all.

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