drawing 08/13/2015

I went to visit my family for a couple of days during the week because my aunt whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years came to visit my parents. The bus left at midnight and got to my destination about 6:30 am.

Watching the dynamics between my aunt and my mother was very interesting. She talks to my mother like no one else can. My sister thought she was being very disrespectful, but I thought… eh. They’re sisters. They’ve done this for years and they’ll work it out.

My parents are also getting older and faster too, it seems. My sisters and I are worried about them and their decision making abilities, with respect to their health and their living conditions. I have since spoken to friends in my painting class — all of whom are older and have either gone through this similar thing or are currently going through similar or worse situations. In the end, there is very little that we can do. We cannot force either of my parents to make changes they are not willing to make, even if these changes are in their best interests. However, one of my sisters still would like to convince them to make some changes with regards to their health. Ever since then, my mind has been preoccupied with this, even though I cannot do anything about it.

Anyway, here are some drawing from my bus ride on my way back home. The last image is the thing above the seat that controls the air and the light.

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