non-dominant hand drawing 07/08/2015

Finally a drawing without people! Sheesh. How long did that take me? (don’t answer that.)

Here’s the outside of the dance studio. I was meeting a friend to go over a Janet/Britney mashup routine that we were going to perform as part of a flash mob-y style floorshow at a club called SF Oasis before the drag show, called Mother. Anyway, this day was a cold day, but I persevered and waited for my friend to come and in the meantime, I drew this building and those funky vehicles. I think the wavy lines are kind of fun, makes them look so dream-like.

Then on the way back from dance class, I saw the regular guy who has appeared a few times in my drawing. He always wears a yellow and black jacket, wears a vest and does a crossword puzzle in a newspaper. and this baldheaded guy sitting next to me and then the creepy half face person is me! For this drawing, not wanting to stare directly at them, I used the reflection on the window. It only works if it’s dark or night time. When the sun is out and the train runs aboveground, it doesn’t work.

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