non-dominant hand drawing 05/13/2015

I have a confession. A few days before this drawing was done, I met another man and we were getting to know each other. In the past, when I see couples who look like they’re in love, I think, barf! Get a room. I think I was jealous of them. I’ve either never had those butterflies in the stomach thing, or it’s been so damn long I had forgotten what that was like, and with this man, I did. Hallelujah! We were supposed to meet again the week that this drawing was done, but he’s been sick and lost his voice. Now I see couples, especially older ones and think, awwwww!! I don’t see younger couples and think that, though. This drawing reflects how I felt about my new friend, with the exception of the weird guy in the back.

(The lady isn’t actually as old as she looks in this drawing. I did not do her justice, but hey, it was done with the left hand, so there’s that.)


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