non-dominant hand drawing 5/10/2015

The image below is what I should have been doing at home or elsewhere. Instead, against my better judgment, I agreed to dance in a benefit performance for a good cause but not one that I had my heart set on it. I agreed to it as a favor to a new friend, but I really should have said no.The night before, we attended a small rehearsal and were informed of the costumes and I should have just said no then. There were lots of guilt, feeling responsible, not knowing how to navigate this new friendship and saying no to her project and the good cause that she was promoting. Instead of relaxing and reading a book like the woman below is doing or even closing my eyes like the passenger behind her is doing, I went to the city to purchase high heeled shoes, stockings, shorts and we were going to look for specific shirts. I left at noon to meet up with fellow dancers at 1 at the store, and they were over an hour late. I guess that wasn’t a promising beginning. After we got our shoes and stockings, we looked for these specific shirts which had grown out of style I guess. We searched for the next 4 hours looking for the damn shirts and finally found them around 6 pm. This kind of stuff is why I really hate performances. I am a simple person I guess. I don’t wear high heels. I don’t wear makeup. I just play in the dirt and grow plants. I’m lucky to have clean fingernails. Focusing on the dance is really my concern, but my time is limited and spending so much time on the exterior was annoying me already and I should have quit then. It was a bad sign, but I ignored it, because I felt obligated.

Sigh. I should have stayed home and read a book or closed my eyes. It would have been more productive, I think, than run around for 5 hours and get irritated. This was a bad sign.


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