non-dominant hand drawing 04/28/2015

This is the second candidate for the research leader position (he’s not cross eyed in real life, by the way). I attended the seminar late because I had to go to my weekly therapy appointment. Then we had the usual meet with question and answer. Unlike the first candidate, he held this pose very well (which, in retrospect, seems to be telling of why he did not get the position). The same intelligent people asked the same intelligent questions and the same let’s-keep-it-real people like me asked the same keepin-it-real question. His answer to my question of why he wanted to be research leader was kind of depressing, but he was keeping it real. Still, I felt a little sad for this man. I hope that when he retires, he’ll end up with a good retirement package, and that he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. I want him to be happy, and not to pursue aspirations out of obligation (not that I know what that’s like! wink, wink.)

(This drawing is kind of weird. I realize now that the shape on the bottom could be misconstrued is his arm, but it’s not. I tried drawing his arm, but then the person in front of me, shifted and her arm blocked the rest of this sitting figure).


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