non dominant hand drawing 04/19/2015

I’m going to try to get back into some consistency, do more drawings and post them. There are many drawings waiting to be posted, but I feel like I should do a small chunk at a time, to keep myself busy everyday.

I’m still continuing the non-dominant hand drawings because I get more satisfaction from them. They resemble the truth more than my dominant hand does. I don’t understand it, but I’m going to continue doing it.

I remember that on this day, I took public transportation to Marin Headlands where one of my favorite artists, Cate White, was having an open studio. This is what I saw on the bus on the way there. This is a great thing for me to do to just record what I see, but for the viewers, I imagine it is a boring sight to see the back of yet, another passenger. Oh well. On the way back, one of the buses came earlier than scheduled so I had to wait, along with a few other folks for another 45 minutes. I talked to a couple of tourists from Virginia, so I didn’t do any drawings on the way back.



  1. his ear! his ear is exquisite : )


    • Thank you. I am learning more about anatomy as I continue to draw people and the ear is one of the weirdest shapes to come out of a person’s head. My dominant hand would think that and my non-dominant hand thinks, eh, whatever, it’s a shape…. just draw it…. which is why I trust my non-dominant hand now to do the drawings.


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