ch-ch-changes (and non-dominant hand drawing 4/17/2015)

I’ve been reluctant to write about this but also really itching to write about this… simultaneously. I thought I’d draw something about this, but I think for now, I’m going to just ramble. If you don’t read this, I won’t take it personally. There has been so many changes in the last 12 months and I feel like listing them, if nothing more than to remind myself that I have accomplished a lot for which I have much to celebrate.

1) filled out and filed divorce forms and navigate the legal system without a lawyer

2) negotiated the terms of my divorce without a lawyer

3) avoid antagonism with the ex

4) learn Michael Jackson medley routine and participate in a flash mob, performed in a club and a cafe

5) learn girl group medley routine and participate in a flash mob

6) made 20 new dioramas

7) exhibited in 4 art shows

8) participated in an artist talk

9) started a blog (consistently at first though not so much now)

10) learn Japanese style woodworking and joinery

11) learn Beyonce’s “Ego”, “Run the World” and Britney Spears’s “work bitch!” (all very uncharacteristically for my NPR, Brian Eno and Pixies loving self)

12) learn Justin Timberlake medley routine and participate in a flash mob

13) make new friends

14) start dating again

15) start therapy for grief over a friend’s death 5 years ago and probably divorce and some other issues

16) learning Rhythm Nation dance

17) maintain a home

18) becoming financially healthy again

19) grow 8 varieties of tomatoes

20) learn beekeeping

21) continue with drawing and painting, albeit inconsistently.

Speaking of which, here are the next non-dominant hand drawings. I did these drawings on the train on my way to and from the last rehearsal for the JT medley the day before the flash mob. I started to make friends while learning this dance. I’m so happy that my hat came off in the drawing. Just kidding. There was a dude standing there and I started drawing him, but he moved away and his hat was done, so I left it there. Anyway, a few of the girls started to practice together outside class time. Eventually we just met right outside the dance studio and practiced together in the alley. And eventually the group grew, like a flash mob growth effect, actually. It was joyful.  I love it.

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