almost daily drawing 02/24/2015

My right thumb got infected and fortunately I did not draw it or the needle I was using to drain it or what came out of my finger or the antibiotic I had to resort to because the pain was spreading to my forefinger. I think the words are gross enough without having fully realized visuals to accompany my predicament. So what was I to do? I started drawing with my left hand and I love it! It looks better than drawings with my right hand. I went to see Cate White give an artist talk. Cate White just rocks. I’m in love with her work, her honesty, humor, directness, her authenticity, her unapologetic and personal nature. And each timeĀ  I see her, she always seems to wear something with leopard prints.

The last time I went to hear her talk, I felt like talking to my canvas and my jars again, so since I’ve been slacking off on my drawings, I thought this might help. Before her talk, we all mingled and I told her about my feelings of blahness around my art. What she told me was that it’s ok to have days off where all you do is lie down and do nothing because it’s important to recharge, but I work full time so I can’t really do that, so maybe my body really wants that time off and recharge and because I can only do it in short amounts of time, my battery recharges slower than if I didn’t have a regular full time job. Who knows and really… I can’t change my predicament so who cares. Fortunately my infected right thumb has given me a new challenge on art making. Thank you bacteria and thank you Cate.


  1. cwakisment

    I’m tired all the time lately. I spend the last 2 whole days pretty much doing nothing, most of it horizontal. Not even reading. And I’m STILL tired. You know what the most exhausting thing might be? The way we question, doubt and struggle with ourselves.


  2. cwakisment

    and thanks so much for being such a big supporter and comrade!


    • You’re very welcome. I always enjoy hearing about your work, process and things like that. Also, it gets me to divert my attention to someone else rather than stay in my head all the time.


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