almost daily drawing 01/09/2015

My father fell ill the weekend after Christmas but he recovered, and I felt guilty that I hadn’t visited my parents since December 2012 even though they only live a day’s drive from here, but my car is old, I don’t trust it to go long distance and I need it to last as long as possible. The last couple of years have been difficult, as I was depressed, undergoing a separation and finally a divorce. Also when I was married, my then husband didn’t want to ride the bus when we went to visit my family. I disliked driving. I really wanted to ride the bus every single time we went down to visit my family, but he really wanted to drive, so we had to rent a car. It’s true that once we got down to the area where my parents lived, we had to rent a car but I really, really, really did not want to drive for such a long distance. When I was little, I loved car rides and sleeping in them. So now that I can do whatever I want, I booked a bus ticket to see my parents. Ahhh….. bliss…. kinda.


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