almost daily drawing 01/06/2015

I’ve been in an artist support group for almost a year now, which has enabled me to find the courage to make this blog. The leader of the group is Jessica Serran. Her group consists of artists all over the world, and we’ve been communicating with each other mostly on facebook. Sometimes we have these group calls too and that is the best! Since we’re starting a new year and new trimester, she has asked folks who have completed the last trimester and are staying on to describe our experience to artists who are considering joining this group. So I did and I spoke on the phone in this room and while I was waiting to speak, I made this drawing. There is a word underneath the date. It says “receiving” and that is what Jessica spoke about: receiving support and help. I asked for help and support and once I asked, I was able to receive it, but I could not, nor was I ready to receive help until I have asked.

This room also received boxes of journals, files and all sorts of things from a previous scientist who retired and whose office needed to be vacated.

01062015_1_11edit: I totally forgot I did another drawing that day at my meetup with my arty friends. Not as spectacular as the drawing above, so I can understand how I missed it. Still I want to count every single accomplishment, so I can celebrate each one.



  1. Oh I’m grinning ear to ear Irene! I just adore the way you tell your stories, and show your stories and make visible the relationship between the two. It’s such a joy to watch all of this unfold for you!!!!

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  2. Thank you! At the time, I knew there was a connection, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Only when I started to write about this, did I realize what the connection was. None of this wouldn’t have ever been possible had it not been for you and the group. What a lifesaver!


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