daily drawing(s) 01/27/2015

Today I met up with my painting group. Most of the time, I just eat snacks and socialize and maybe get a drawing or two. The group has gotten larger and I’ve not felt the desire to paint… still fretting about my diorama show. I feel like I can’t do anything until that’s up which I know is a lie, but mentally, that’s how I work… one serious work at a time. I draw as an exercise but it’s not really a serious work for me. Then one person said she was surprised to see that I was drawing and not just messing around. I guess I should shut up more. Here is a drawing of a delicious tangerine I ate, but it looks less appetizing in my drawing (not uncommon!) I saved the last one to draw. Another drawing is room in which we meet, with Kate and Charlie in view. The lighting is terrible and still we sit on the edge, forming a large circle when really, we should be occupying the space in the middle where the lighting is the best. I guess we all need our own space…. and I need to keep my conversations to a minimum.

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