almost daily drawing 01/05/2015

I can’t remember why I hadn’t done any drawings to be honest. I think that I was out of the habit, having been distracted by diorama stuff. But I got back into it when I attended a beekeeping meeting. I wrote down some notes about beekeeping, but to be honest, that does not apply to the hive that I have. The Warré hive mimics a more natural system and is said to be healthier for the bees, and the folks who have these kinds of hives discourages looking into the hive, whereas the more standard hive system sort of requires that you look into them, but it disturbs them and the required temperature and humidity that is necessary to create an acceptable environment for the brood. Anyway, then the conversation took off on a tangent and a discussion about farming and even capitalism ensues. Anyway, here are some of the drawings from the meeting. None of the people here look like the people in real life, so that is good news! No one will be offended.

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