almost daily drawing 12/31/2014

Did I skip a day or two? More like 8 days! But who’s counting. Certainly not you. I was working on getting 20 dioramas done by December 31 for a show in February. And I did it! I finished making 20 dioramas and I spent a lot of time looking through my microscope.  This is partially what my workstation looks like…. which is a mess, akin to Francis Bacon’s studio. In my artist support group, I’m the Francis Bacon in the group. No one else seems to thrive in mess the way or the intensity that I do. Over the last year, I’ve found that my messiness is a way for me to work. It allows me to experiment more, to be less afraid of fucking up (because really…. look at the mess I’ve already made… any semblance of order that appear in my dioramas will be nothing short of  success). I hesitate to call it shame, but I am a bit ashamed of the way I work, but it is what needs to happen in order for me to create new works.

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