daily drawing 01/16/2015

I’m going to resume calling this daily drawings now. I think I got this. Posting it is still a different matter. I’m partial to scanning it but it takes longer and sometimes I get home late and work on my art so late that scanning it and posting things often become less of a priority. I’ll try my best anyway.

So on Friday, I went to see a Wood Brothers concert at the Fillmore. The band that played in the dining room, Arran Harris and the Farm Band, was so fun to hear that I thought I’d do a drawing (not live, sadly), but from a picture on my phone. While I liked the drawing in the end, it does not resemble anyone in the band! Oh well… just like my bart people I guess. And I did not do the drawing in one sitting or in one room, I’m afraid, so the size of their heads came out differently and also the quality of the drawing came out differently. I learned you really need to draw in a well-lit room to do a decent drawing. The figure on the left was drawn first in a poorly lit room. By the time I got to the third figure, I was drawing in a well-lit room. Still.. lessons learned, so not all was lost. Yay! Go me.


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