fall dance routines

I was ambitious and I took 3 dance classes too many. This was alongside the girl band medley flash mob routine we started in the summer until middle of October when we actually did the flash mob

Britney Spears’ Work Bitch dance class. I took this class mainly because a friend wanted to take it too but she had some sort of anxiety issues and never showed up, so I ended up taking this class for 7 weeks anyway because I already paid for it. Besides, it did keep me dancing twice a week. This took place Sunday mornings, right after I went swimming.

Beyonce’s (Girls) Run the World. I took this class because I wanted to continue dancing while the flash mob classes were on break. I missed the first class and it wreaked havoc for the next 6 weeks. I’ve learned not to do that again. This took place on Wednesdays

Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied (part). This was sort of an accident. I took Beyonce’s Ego class (but the organizer didn’t post the video for public, so I can’t post it here for posterity and the next class was taught by a teacher from which I learned a different routine, so I joined the class and I also liked the students. This took place on Saturday late afternoons.


  1. i want to take dance classes with you one day! it’s something i know i’ve always wanted to do, but yet to dive into… hip hop, brittany, beyonce, yes please! ; )

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