almost daily drawing 01/15/2015

I’ve started a new dance routine this week. I’m so excited! It’s a Justin Timberlake medley dance routine. I’ve been watching the tutorial videos and I’ve been practicing because unlike the last two dances I learned (Beyonce’s Run the World and Britney Spears’ Work Bitch), I didn’t have time to practice. I completely overloaded myself with activities and neglected to do my homework, so this time I want to be a better student. It’s also funny for me to learn dances like these. Completely out of my comfort zone and out of my element. I am so awkward in the classes, the teacher and some of the organizers of the group must wonder why I keep taking classes when it is obvious that I will never master it. But like my tagline, I make a lot of mistakes along the way. Dance is just one avenue. I do enjoy the challenge and even if the teacher and the organizers might not want me there, the students do. i must make them look good. Anyway, enough self deprecation today. Here’s my drawing of the video I’ve been watching. I really hope my teacher does not find out about this drawing.



  1. Markus

    I have seen you dance before and I really think its a great idea to venture out into other genres of moving to music …. you feel like it and that’s whats counts – even if you feel of yourself being mediocre. If you decide to not continue and pursue it anymore because you didn’t like it as much or even at all, its still something accomplished and not a mistake, its still success – you went for it because your interest was there and you tried and maybe its not (total) right for you but you found out how you feel about it after forming an interest.

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    • ya. i try not to let what other people think (or what I think they think) get to me… obviously or else i wouldn’t keep showing up. All this is just negative self-talk and it’s probably all in my head. Anyway, thanks.


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