almost daily drawing 12/16/2014

I’m pretty sure it was raining around the day that this drawing was made, or otherwise, I wouldn’t have drawn a picture of with rain droplets and the image I saw in the droplets that fell on my car’s window.


  1. Markus

    I recently had a similar photographic project at night but the rain was so strong that I gave up after just a short drive – great idea to draw it tho!

    (not sure if I can insert this here like that ..


  2. Markus

    nope didn’t work I inserted an image tag here….oh well I gotta spam you with my “version” this way now 😉

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  3. Markus

    aaaw thanks 🙂 I almost got washed away for the last one, it was on an incline and while sitting in the car the water kept on flooding down the road I was on

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