diorama work in progress part 5

I changed my mind. I decided to continue posting these updates to my progress like no one is watching, even though two people are watching.

As of Jan 1 12:00 am, I finished my 20th jar, so I reached my goal. Yay! In the last half hour, I really hauled ass and just slapped pieces together so I could say I did it, and I ended up awake until 4 am to tweak it and to re-think some of them and adjust them. (And I did the same on new year’s day.) On New Year’s Eve, I resisted peer pressure and guilt and said no to a party and yes to my desire: to reach my goal.

So here are more images of works in progress to show my process, but one day when it’s not 2 am, I’ll take more formal pictures of them in the jars and post them here. One day….


  1. Markus

    Congratulations on achieving your goal – and you did that very well I have to say – excellent work!

    Liked by 1 person

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