diorama work in progress posts—halt!

Well, I just got word from the curator from the show that I’ll be in that she wants to link my blog to the website for the show, so I want to either take down the posts that show the dioramas in progress, or significantly reduce the number of pictures until the show begins in February. I feel like it’s too much information. I’ll have to sleep on it

ps. tally count: 16 jars done, 1 (40% done), 1 (20% done), 1 (10% done) and I hope I come up with one last one for the year to reach my goal of making 20 jars for the show. It is now past 1 AM PST. The time to work on these things is just beginning. I also read that it was actually really bad for your health to stay up late at night and get very little sleep, but somehow this is the only way I can work.

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