diorama work in progress part 4

I’m feeling the pressure, so I’ve decided to go easy on myself on the daily drawings. I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t keep the momentum going, but honestly, I have allocate my resources to other things… like food and Christmas festivities…. and these dioramas. I’ve set a deadline for myself to have 20 done for the show by Dec 31. The show actually won’t take place until February, so if I have time, I’ll make more, but the minimum, I decided, is 20 dioramas. I like my work to be ambiguous and to be open to multiple interpretations and at the same time, not be abstract– as in inaccessible to the general population. As a result, I often hear disappointment from those who crave more explanations, more insight into my motivation or inspiration behind the work. So they are all… untitled. I do accession them for inventory purposes, so that becomes their title.

Anyway… here they are some more dioramas. As of today, I have 11 done, and 2 are 3/4 done.


  1. I love these! I love the snow falling over your blog page. I wish i could come to your show and see it in person.


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