daily drawing 12/10/2014

This drawing is about a dream I just had. In my dream I was an entity with three arms. I was also playing poker. I have to admit that I’m not sure if I was polka dotted like in this drawing or if my head was shaped that way. I think it was a 5 card draw since I had 5 cards. Incidentally, I really dislike the poker games on tv. It’s always the same Texas hold ’em game. There are so many other games with imaginative rules. ANYWAY in my dream, I was getting nervous about my cards, but I remember thinking adamantly that I needed to keep my arms down and not wipe the sweat off of my face because then the others would know that I was nervous. So while I was focused on the cards and keeping my arms next to me, I was sweating profusely, as if that didn’t give anything away. Also I don’t know why there was no ante in my dream. Maybe the game works differently in my alien-like world.

Anyway, here’s my drawing.


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