daily drawing 12/9/2014

Ok, one more picture that is work-related. I’ve developed allergies (upper respiratory) to the plants I work with. I know. Sad. And because these creatures are so tiny, no one else wants to work with them. I’ve sort of used this strategy (doing things that no one else wants to do) as a way to keep my job and my employers see me as a valuable asset because of this. Plus, my tolerance level is unusually high and I’ve been told– in a state of wonder, too, might I add, that I’m a “special breed.” Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent here. So, back to work. I have allergies to these plants and here are the culprits. I have to admit: they are fascinating! What are these? Pollen, my friend. POLLEN. The ones that affect me are actually at the bottom of the drawing. Salsola pollen. I googled some other pollen images because they are so varied! Purdy, aren’t they?


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