daily drawing 11/17/2014

I find being social is hard, especially going to events where I don’t know anyone. The last couple of years have been difficult and in the last year, I’ve optioned to seclude myself from social events. Long story, but now I’m in a different head space and I’m ready to meet and get to know new people, make new friends, but going to these things are still hard and I won’t let not having anyone to go with deter me. I mean, I chose to seclude myself, so if I go back to joining the world, then I have to do it on my own, right? Otherwise, I’d be waiting and waiting and waiting for schedules to match. This past year, I’ve met a few new people in my dance class and I know there will be holiday parties and gatherings like that, that I’ve got to get out of my girlcave and meet the outside world. So imagining the parties are like this prior to actually going helps me to cope with social settings better. Everyone has their tactics. This is mine.



  1. cwakisment

    your drawings are sooo good. makes me feel like i should be drawing all the time like you are. and you’re so funny. and you seem so engaged with life, doing woodworking and dance class and stuff. i know you probably do all that in response to feeling isolated and awkward and everything, but it seems like you are having an interesting life. i’m a little envious and pretty inspired too. i’m about to check out your ‘friend’s’ blog right now! c

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  2. Wow. Thank you, but you know why I draw? Because I wanna draw like YOU! You’ve been inspiring me for a long time! The way you’re engaged with your community, the people around you and (maybe the ones inside of your head! haha) and the way you’re willing to take risks and explore new territory or revisit old ones. I admire your honesty, directness, your sense of humor, and how you’re unapologetic in your work. Honestly Cate, I’m in love with your work. I think that doing woodworking and dance class and doing these drawings are just a response to me trying to re-discover who I am and what I like … and yes, not to feel so isolated and to force myself out of the house. The awkwardness thing is not going away, but I decided to just embrace it and embrace all the “faults” I have and mistakes I make, so here I am! What else is there to do? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!


  3. Ha, yep, join us. I think we have mutual inspiration society going.

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