daily drawing 11/15/2014

I had a phone call conference with my artist support group which is just an amazing and supportive group. Without them, there would be no blog, i guarantee you that. We talked about saying no to something in order to say yes to something else. It is a crucial skill to have, and I realize, this is a problem I have. I say yes far too often without realizing what it means for me. There’s a lot of guilt involved, like maybe I’m disappointing others by saying no to them. And when I say yes too many times, my time dwindles down and I’m left with none for myself. And eventually, it just bursts and I go into being a hermit and basically just avoid people so I don’t have to say no. It’s a bad pattern.

In the phone call, another artist said she has no problem saying no, pointing out that her time is her own to give away and only gives it to good causes, basically. After a while, we joked around and the leader/facilitator said that we could have her be the resident No advice giver, and then we came up with the idea that she could give out permission slips to say no. I envisioned her to be like Lucy from the Peanuts series, sitting in that Psychiatrist booth. So here she is:


I believe she also has a thing for post-its.


  1. oh this is so great! spot on with the glasses too! permission granted! and such an affordable rate!

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