daily drawing 11/13/2014

Woodworking has gotten me a lot of respect from my male co-workers. Sometimes I get small pieces of wood from them, because they know I want something with which to practice. Today was slightly different: bamboo! We surmised this was leftover piece from a bamboo flooring. I can’t really do anything with it but it is interesting I guess it’s all just laminated which makes sense because bamboo is so thin; it’s a monocot so it doesn’t have secondary growth; the vascular system is not in a ring, like tree rings, but rather is scattered throughout but there does seem to be somewhat of a pattern here. Monocots also has no cortex whereas dicots (like trees) have stele and cortex (which means they have tree rings)…. but that’s enough for the botany lesson. Basically, it’s a thick, giant grass.

However, the way it is arranged to create a bamboo flooring is so interesting. Here’s a cross section of the bamboo flooring. i never knew.



  1. super fascinating! i love that you’re a scientist! i’m trying to remember the name of this other artist/scientist but i can’t think of it!… agh… let me see if it comes back to me.

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    • I’m not a real scientist. I just pretend to be one at work! But yeah, sometimes I do like to nerd out in my drawings because I totally find this thing fascinating and doesn’t everyone?


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