daily drawing(s) 11/4/2014 part 2

As promised, here’s part 2. I met up with my painting group on this evening (though some of us don’t paint but we work on our own art projects.) I think all of us want to devote a specific time and a place outside of our respective homes to focus on art making because almost about half of us have already taken as many painting classes as we’re allowed to at the community college and the current policy does not support life long learners… so Charley arranged to rent a space at a local community center and we all split the price.

I met Charley in a painting class at Berkeley Community College in 2007. He is a prolific painter, has had many exhibits and participated in open studios every year, including this year. His paintings are thought provoking, can be humorous and serious and very complicated. Here he is painting and his wife Corinne who is in the midst of making jewelry. (Sorry about the rendition of your hands, Charley and Corinne. They got funky, but at least the shirt pocket is ok. I’m gonna invest in drawing some mittens for your hands in the future).

These sort of look like the people they were meant to represent.

Regardless, I will give myself A for Effort.

11042014_5_2 11042014_4_1

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