daily drawing (s) 11/4/2014 part 1

Part 2 will be scanned in tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy part 1. This day was highlighted by a visit to the dentist again. I wish I could draw them as they’re doing work on me, so this is only an approximation of what was happening.


I was there to get a crown which took a long time, but at least it’s only one visit which is amazing! They have an oven that bakes the actual crown in the office, so they don’t have to send it in to the lab anymore (or for most cases, I hear).


Today was also election day and I voted (hence my sticker) which then I lost, then found, then lost again but it has been immortalized in this drawing! (or until I throw it out).

And while I waited for the crown to be finished, I drew a part of draw bridge that l could see through the window. It lays just beyond the dentist’s office.


but then they came back to fit the crown on me and I didn’t really finish the drawing, so I had to make up some of it, so… that’s why it looks so… unresolved.

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