daily drawing 10/28/2014

I’m about a day behind in posting these because I decided to use a scanner, but I can only access it in the day and I usually don’t have my drawing done by then. I need to get my own scanner soon.

Anyway, yesterday I met with my painting group, but I haven’t painted in a long time. I feel like I can’t devote enough time and planning that goes into that, so when I meet them, I just make dioramas and draw instead. They seem like faster processes to me.

Here’s one of my painter friends: Nancy. She does really wonderful, light hearted and often humorous works in acrylic on watercolor paper. She waters it down until it pretty much looks like watercolor, but she doesn’t like watercolors. Anyway, she is very funny and despite her age and her very mild and polite demeanor, she often has the vocabulary of a sailor. I love her!

She kinda looks like this, but maybe a little rounder. This also looks more masculine than I intended. oops. Maybe she won’t see this.



  1. cwakisment

    I remember Nancy. Nice description of her–verbal and pictorial. Tell her hi for me.


  2. i will! she wants to go see you at the Headlands before your residency ends.


  3. Judi Pettite

    You rock!!!! I love this blog and will of course show it to my LMC drawing class. Remember Lou at BCC? He is taking my drawing class at LMC!
    Hello to everyone for me.
    Your drawings are amazing and precious, yet universal…not unlike your fabulous dioramas and paintings.


    • awwwww shucks! You are extremely instrumental in opening up the gateway in my artistic journey. You introduced ideas, methods, artists (local and international, dead and alive) that have influenced, provoked and allowed me to continue to evolve. So in the heart of all this… this is all your fault! haha 🙂 Who knew what one beginning painting class at BCC would lead to.
      With much gratitude,
      ps. Everyone says hello back! We miss your class very much.


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