daily drawing(s) 10/25/2014

To preface this drawing, I will reveal what led to this drawing. So during my trip last week, my phone got broken in a most dramatic fashion. Apparently I dropped it on the street where I was staying on the day I arrived. Then when I couldn’t find it, I retraced my steps and found pieces of them all along the street, in the bushes, in the grass. It still works but the screen is kaput. The stay was fantastic to be disconnected, to be …. wireless. heh heh. The day after I returned, my housemate found mouse droppings while I was at work. After work, I had a second job to go to and got paid in cash, and I didn’t get home until late that night. But I realized that I had to wake up early the next day and normally use my phone as an alarm, and I was… alarmed (he he) that I didn’t have a backup alarm, so I searched at Walgreens, Safeway, Lucky’s and CVS (which finally had the alarm) because the stores that would definitely have them were already closed. And in the midst of this frantic search… I lost the money that I earned from the second job. But I did have an alarm and I went to my class (though late because I forgot my saw which I didn’t need after all). And the plan was for me to go home and clean my house, but I was feeling stressed and feeling like I’ve gotten punished for taking a short vacation, so I did the next logical thing:

I went to an artist talk.

My fave local artist Cate White and another awesome artist that I just met, Ehren Tool were there giving talks and also interacting with their audience. I did these drawings then. I do not claim their likeness, if it’s not clear.

10252014_6 10252014_2_5

I felt more grounded afterwards, so now I can tackle cleaning my room.

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