daily drawing(s) 10/23/2014

then the next day, i realized that i hadn’t documented the environment of my temporary studio:


but then also realized that it really isn’t accurate. that’s not where i was making art so i drew a more accurate (but still not to scale) portrayal of where i was making stuff:


and all good things come to an end, so i made my way back home, but my journey was long and everyone has to eat, and i forgot to document any eating habits, so here are some habits:

Scan0016_16 (obviously not to scale)

and i really wanted to document my meal, but somehow i forgot and by the time i remembered, it was too late. oops.


again, the seats, but with a more complete picture of where i was. you can see my gnarly hands.


and my gnarly drawing of my companion.


the end. (for now).

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