daily drawing(s) 10/19/2014

i’m off on my trip (obviously). i did a lot of traveling back in the day, but unfortunately i only started/ re-discovered drawing and making art within the last decade, so when i did a lot more intensive traveling, i wasn’t documenting the seats. too bad, but i do have a little series of drawings of the back of seats… mostly because that’s what i stare at for hours on end. every time i travel, i try to get a window seat, so i have something else to stare at. anyway, here are a few drawings to add to that series.

Scan0002_2 Scan0003_3 Scan0004_4


  1. Serran Jessica

    loving these!

    i tried to comment on the blog but can’t recall my wordpress login… so just wanted to send love and support this way. i really love the way you see the world and document it!

    xx . . . . . .

    Jessica Serran Artist, Guide + Psycho-Cartographer http://www.jessicaserran.com

    How is your sense of self connected to your sense of place? Field Guide to the Czech Psyche: http://www.fieldguidecz.com


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