Girl Band Medley flash mob day!

Ah, today was the flash mob day. This time I stayed until the bitter end, not like my first flash mob when I had the flu and had a fever and could only stay for 2 of the 4 planned flash mobs.

It was a lot of fun. A lot of the time was actually spent waiting, but people milled around and socialized and I’m a bit awkward and shy and terrible at making small talk, but I managed to stay anyway. I like the process of learning and the consistency but the actual performance is such a gamble because there is so much unknown factors. Having been in other groups where there was so much pressure for perfection to the point of tears at times, it has colored my view of what performances are and are not about. I’m glad to have found this group and though it’s not perfect, it accepts everyone and their quirks… even for shy people like me.

Ferry Plaza: 
Powell St:
Civic Center Muni/Bart station lobby: 

the Castro: 

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