mortise and tenon

Ah… more woodworking. Last week I learned to make mortise and tenon joint. it’s one of the more recognizable joints. I haven’t done the drawing for this, but I will… eventually. Meanwhile, here it is, in all of its glory! (with a drawing!)

10122014_3_17 20141010_214216_10

20141010_214305_9 20141010_214316_8


I made a mistake when I first started to make stop cuts. I cut too far! You can see the mistake on the mortise part (where the tenon goes into), just to the left of the tenon on the above image.

20141010_214452_420141010_214459_3  20141010_214506_2

not all the lines line up, sadly to say, but it’s pretty darn close.


at least the ends had all the lines line up. Yay!

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