a glimpse into processes

When I see my dioramas in their respective jars, I see them as sketches. Even though they have been made permanent by glue, I still think of them as transitory, a glimpse, a snapshot. To make these “sketches”, I make sketches of them based on thoughts, memories, and ideas. So here are a few examples of my sketches.

20140808_012956_3 20140808_012616_1

I’m really into processes, so this blog is a process of coming out, starting with safe subject matters, sprinkled with nudity! In woodworking, I have to be completely focused, especially when I sharpen a chisel. In dance, I love the practices more than the performances. The performance is a one time deal but the rehearsals are what makes dancing worth doing. The learning part is what I love most. If I am not learning anything, I will get bored.

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