daily drawing 10/4/14

This afternoon, I shared with my artist support group about how shy I am about these blog posts and that the things I tend to post are things that are safe and not likely to offend. I don’t like or want to offend, but I also crave honesty in my work. I was telling another artist friend that I wasn’t going to talk about other people’s work because it’s easy and I could go on and get distracted, and neglect my own work as a result, but here I am doing exactly what I wasn’t going to do. I went to Cate White’s show at Pro Arts last night and it was so inspiring. She showed truly honest images of her surrounding and her experiences and they’re not sugarcoated. They are just plainly honest and direct. I love her work and she is an inspiration. So… this is my first post about stuff that happens in my environment and in my head.

I generally love my dance classes, but sometimes I wonder what I’m doing there. I feel out of place, especially when we learned Beyoncé’s song, Ego. Well, whatever. i finished it and from a group of 20-30 dancers on week 1 by the last day we were down to 4 people. and so I guess even seeing something to the very bitter end is an accomplishment of some sort, no?


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