daily drawing(s) 9/28/2014


Here’s a girl on the bart today. It was crowded and I had to do it stealthily and she was standing no more than 2 feet away. So I started with her feet and worked my way up. I don’t normally draw people like this, but rather using the skills I learned in the figure drawing classes I took a while ago. Then she turned sideways just when I got to the upper part of her body. Hence the strangeness of this figure.

As I mentioned yesterday, here are my other tools for Japanese woodworking. Two waterstones to sharpen and polish my chisels which need to be sharpened almost all the time. Having sharp tools make all the difference.  Also a Japanese plane, which is better than sanding and the “most sophisticated hand tool there is,” according to my instructor, Jay van Arsdale, an awesome guy from Kentucky who’s been at this practice for over 35 years.



  1. love your perspective here with the girl…


  2. Irene this is sooooo exciting you having this blog….I hope it will be a place of refuge, validation, and support for you to express your truth through your work/words….awesome..!


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